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Our Events

As the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind. This is why we’re meeting once a month alternately on the 3rd Friday morning of the month for a breakfast in Faubourg Paris or on the 3rd Thursday evening of the month in a bar or a restaurant. All we want is for you to have great conversations with like-minded people and maintain lively and enriching relationships with our French-speaking fellow managers and executives.

You will have the opportunity to discuss your industry and your field of expertise with other French-speaking, well-integrated people. And if you feel like talking about culture, politics, economics, travel and other topics, that’s fine too. What really matters is the sincerity and the quality of our exchanges as our ultimate goal is to create a thriving community of French Alumni who seek to build long-lasting relationships in beautiful Vancouver.

What could you expect?

  • Casual and welcoming atmosphere
  • Like-minded people who want to build qualitative and long-lasting relationships
  • Lively discussions about various topics

Why should you come?

  • Stay in touch with the French community and the French culture
  • Discuss your current experience living abroad and working in a foreign country
  • Build meaningful and enriching relationships with people who share the same values

Our Social events

French Sunrise

Early bird catches the worm! Our morning exchanges are cozy and intimist. They last about one hour and a half before everybody leaves for work. Start the day on the right foot with French pastries and an uplifting conversation with our members!

Our French Sunrise happens at Faubourg at 769 Hornby Street, Vancouver.

French Sunset

Finish your day on a positive note and drop by at our evening events. Enjoy a drink in a lively atmosphere and debate your ideas and beliefs about the crazy world we’re living in. And stay for as long as you want!

French Sunlight

Come to discover the passion and the talent of one of our member during a quaterly convivial and family-friendly event, most of the time in the afternoon during the weekend.

Past Events

Since 2015, we are gather monthly French speaking people to share ideas with open-minded people. Below are the most recents memories of our events.